[ArtStation] – Creating an Open World Map in UE4

Creating an Open World Map in UE4 : In this tutorial I cover the fundamental aspects of setting up a massive open world with UE4 using World Composition. I test everything on a 16km² landscape but the techniques showcased can be used for a 256km² landscape should you wish. Everything you see is procedually placed, only the animals have been manually placed for the cinematic.

World Composition allows for level streaming, in short; loading and unloading levels based on distance from the camera. That coupled with the procedural tools such as Procedural Foliage Volumes and Landscape Grass will allow you to populate an entire open world very quickly. It also allows teams to work on the same level without running into conflicts with locked files.

We will cover the following :

  • World Composition
  • Procedural Foliage Spawner
  • Landscape Grass
  • Foliage Type Actors
  • Level Streaming
  • Contents
  • 52 Minutes Tutorial
  • 1080p Resolution

Software Used :

  • Unreal Engine 4

Level :

  • Beginner

Direct download links 357 MB :

Course download – Unreal Engine

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