Bloop Animation – Animation Foundation Free Download

Bloop Animation – Animation Foundation Free Download : We’ll start off by covering our bases, going through all the different types of animation, as well as learn the vocabulary to make sure we’re all on the same page.

The 12 Principles of Animation
After understanding the basics, we’ll dig deep into the famous 12 Principles of Animation, established by old time Disney animators.

Animating a scene
After we understand the theory and all the basic principles of animation, we’ll dive into animating a whole scene from start to finish. We’ll learn all the skills necessary, including how to shoot reference video, how to work in passes, how to work with cameras in your shots, and even learn some lip-syncing techniques and study walk cycles.


3 Video Lessons | 11 Minutes

Animation Foundations Introduction
Types of Animation

2-The 12 Principles of Animation

13 Video Lessons | 56 Minutes

Introduction to the 12 Principles of Animation

Squash and Stretch [Watch] Anticipation
Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose
Follow Through and Overlapping Action
Slow-in and Slow-out
Secondary Action
Solid Drawing


8 Video Lessons | 42 Minutes

  • Shooting and Using Reference
  • Planning a Scene
  • Working in Passes [Watch]
  • Walk Cycles
  • Animating in Action
  • Animating a Dialogue
  • Animating a Camera
  • Where to Go Next

Watch the Introduction Video :

Direct download links 3.5 GB :

Course download Introduction

Course download 12 Principle  – part 1

Course download 12 Principle  – part 2

Course download 12 Principle  – part 3

Course download Skills – part 1

Course download Skills – part 2

Course download Skills – part 3

Course download Skills – part 4

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