[CGCircuit] – Learn Python Inside Maya

CGCircuit - Learn Python Inside Maya

Learn Python Inside Maya : Every week you will get access to 3+ hours of video content as well as example scripts, cheat sheets and UIs built in Designer for use in Maya’s PySide. The instructor is there to answer questions and share with you his experience as well as give feedback on your work.

You will learn proven production programming techniques and how to effectively and properly code using Object Oriented Programming and GUI programming using Pyside/Pyqt. If you are already familiar with Python, expect to solidify your skills and take them to the next level.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Knowledge of production skills
  • Proficiency in Python fundamentals that are applicable outside of Maya
  • Mastery of GUI programming
  • Direct and personal feedback on your work
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming

Direct download links 3.4 GB :

Course download – Python – part 1

Course download – Python – part 2

Course download – Python – part 3

Course download – Python – part 4

Project files download

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