CGMA – Digital Painting Free Download

[CGMA] - Digital Painting

CGMA – Digital Painting Free Download : An 8-week course on the basics of painting digitally for building strong art foundations

Conquer the digital art medium

This course is an introduction to digital painting and color composition for film and animation. With an emphasis on studying the works of old masters, students will discover the process of how to deconstruct the picture plane through film studies, reproductions of master works, and the widely used—but often understated—industry-standard technique of ‘Photobashing.’ Course work will cover color theory, perspective, and the use of brushes & textures in Photoshop (this includes: creating images of characters, props, or vehicles using photo overlays in Photoshop).


LECTURE TYPE: Pre-recorded

FEEDBACK: Individual recordings

DURATION: 8 weeks

MATERIALS: Photoshop (or equivalent), drawing tablet (Wacom preferred)

SKILLS LEVEL: Intermediate

PREREQUISITES: Fundamentals of Design or good drawing foundation

Direct download links 4.8 GB :

Course download – photoshop – part 1

Course download – photoshop – part 2

Course download – photoshop – part 3

Course download – photoshop – part 4

Course download – photoshop – part 5

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