Full Time Photographer – Compositing Secrets by Josh Rossi Free Download

Full Time Photographer – Compositing Secrets by Josh Rossi Free Download is an entire crash course for the photographer who desires to grasp taking pictures, lighting, compositing, and coloring.

– Laurence Logan –

“Josh, I have to thank you man. Thanks to some of the techniques I learned in FTP School, I may have snagged a major automotive client as well as several fashion designer clients in one shoot!”

– Limor garfinkle –

“Josh Rossi’s FTP school has taught me so much so fast! My editing techniques improved tremendously and Josh’s teaching method was so easy to follow. I edited my entire Comedians photo series (with Jim Gaffigan) based on methods I have learned from FTP.”

– Logan Bennett –

“I should have done something like this year’s ago, but I used to be very self conscious of my work. I ended up doing some work for a local magazine, and after my second shoot with them, I made the cover photo!”

Here’s What You Get…

Lighting Theory

Discover easy methods to creatively mild any scene

  • Introduction to Lighting
  • How to Light for a Composite
  •  My Go-To Light Modifiers
  • How to Recreate Realistic Shadows
  • Best Lights To Use For Composite Images
  • How To Use Colored Gels
  • Advanced Lighting Scenarios

Coloring and Editing

Discover easy methods to creatively shade your pictures

  • Coloring Basics
  • Creating Surreal Backgrounds
  • How To Create Unique Coloring Actions
  • Best Way To Mask For A Composite
  • Turn A Daytime Image Into A Nighttime Image
  • How To Create Advanced Composites

Advanced Retouching

Discover easy methods to retouch pores and skin, backgrounds, and extra.

  • Retouching Basics
  • How To Create A Painted Look
  • How To Add Advanced Realistic Shadows
  • Budget For LG Photoshoot
  • Advanced 7 Light Setups
  • Advanced Masking
  • Advanced Coloring

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Course Download – photoshop – part 9

Course Download – photoshop – part 10

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