Game Prop Texturing Fundamentals Free Download

Game Prop Texturing Fundamentals Free Download : Creating one of the best prop mannequin for online game growth generally is a advanced process to completely perceive. There are polycounts, unwraps, baking, textures, and lots of different issues which all must be arrange appropriately, in any other case your last in-game prop will look flawed.

This course, Game Prop Texturing Fundamentals, will assist you clear up and perceive these varied tough ideas. You will discover ways to create a easy and efficient low poly mannequin and how much polycount or triangle depend it is best to have. You’ll additionally discover ways to unwrap and bake particulars out of your excessive poly mannequin completely in Substance Painter.

Finally, you’ll create textures inside Substance Painter utilizing many procedural strategies to create a recreation prop that you may import into Unity 5.

By the tip of this course, you’ll have the ability to create detailed props which can be prepared for recreation growth environments. Software required: zbrush 4r7, Substance Painter 2, 3Ds Max 2017, Unity 5.

1- Building the Low Poly Model

  • Reducing the High Poly
  • Lining up Base Model with High Poly
  • Refining the Low Poly Model
  • Cleaning up the Top
  • Cleaning up the Interior
  • Retopologizing the Gold mesh

2- Unwrapping the Model

  • Preparing for Unwrapping
  • Unwrapping Best Practices
  • Finishing Unwrapping
  • Packing an Unwrap

3- Introduction to Substance Painter and Baking

  • Preparing to Bake
  • Naming for Baking
  • Baking in Substance Painter
  • Presenting in Substance Painter
  • Understanding PBR and Substance Painter

4- Texturing Inside Substance Painter

  • Masks, Layers, and Procedural Textures
  • Generators for Cavities and Edges
  • Modeling the Gem and Adding Emissive Materials
  • Adding Photographic Textures
  • modeling the Gold
  • Refining the Gold and Stone
  • Finishing the Texture

5- Putting the Asset into Unity

  • Intro to Unity and Exporting Textures
  • Setting up Materials and Meshes in Unity

Watch the Introduction Video :

Direct obtain hyperlinks 2.Three GB :

Course download – Texturing – Section 1

Course download – Texturing – Section 2

Course download – Texturing – Section 3

Course download – Texturing – Section 4 – 5

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