Houdini: Intermediate Ocean FX Free Download

Houdini: Intermediate Ocean FX Free Download : Have you ever had the thought of making an infinite and picture sensible ocean in 3D with a simulated boat driving by it? If so, that is the right course for you. In this course, Houdini: Intermediate Ocean FX, you’ll learn to setup a procedural ocean and do a flip fluid simulation for the boat.

First, you’ll uncover methods to use the ocean spectrum to create an infinite ocean. Next, you’ll add the boat, do a flip simulation for a selected space with excessive element, and add whitewater and mist.

Finally, you’ll prolong the simulated space and setup the shaders to render all of the layers. When you’re completed with this Houdini 16 course, you’ll not solely have an ocean rendered with a excessive element fluid simulation, however you’ll even have a workflow on methods to grasp your individual ocean and fluid challenges sooner or later.

1-Creating a Large Scale Ocean

  • Introduction and Scene Setup
  • Reference and Scattering the Turbines
  • Ocean Spectrum in Detail
  • Layering Ocean Spectrums
  • Wave Instancing
  • Waves for the Turbines
  • Using the Mask Feature
  • Rendering the Ocean

2-Adding Foam to the Ocean

  • Basic Foam Setup and Performance Optimization
  • Reference and Tweaking It Stormy
  • Simulating the Foam
  • Rendering the Foam

3-Simulating a Boat on the Sea

  • Introduction and Explanation of the Guided Ocean
  • Reference and Tweaking the Spectrum
  • Adding Custom Waves
  • Preparing the Boat for the Simulation
  • Tweaking the Boat Simulation
  • Adding the Movement and Caching It Out
  • Boat Collision for the Flip Simulation
  • Tweaking the High-res Flip Simulation

4-Creating Whitewater for the Flip Simulation

  • Introduction and Initial Whitewater Setup
  • Reference and Workflow
  • Tweaking the Whitewater Source
  • Tweaking the Whitewater Emitter
  • Tweaking the Whitewater Solver
  • Adding Custom Forces
  • Adding Wind
  • Using the SOP-solver
  • Caching the Whitewater
  • Creating the Mist
  • Tweaking the Mist Simulation
  • Adding Wind and Caching the Mist

5-Extending and Rendering the Simulated Ocean

  • Overview and Lighting
  • Meshing and Extending the Simulated Area
  • Ocean Spectrums for Rendering
  • Tweaking the Ocean Shader
  • Rasterizing the Whitewater
  • Creating the Mist Shader
  • Setting up the Render-layer
  • Combining the Layers in NUKE

Watch the Introduction Video :

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Course download – Houdini – Section 1 – 2

Course download – Houdini – Section 3

Course download – Houdini – Section 4

Course download – Houdini – Section 5

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