[LYNDA] Motion Graphic Design: Animation

LYNDA Motion Graphic Design: Animation

Motion Graphic Design: Animation : When adopted, the rules of animation make movement graphic designs and animations extra dynamic and interesting. Top animators have developed these basic rules over time, finally breaking them down into sure fundamental rules.

In this course, Angie Taylor outlines these key rules and the way they are often utilized to animation and movement graphic tasks in Adobe After Effects. Throughout this course, Angie places these rules in context by taking you although the event of a real-world challenge. Learn learn how to make issues behave in a convincing means with an understanding of fundamental physics.

See how exaggerating sure actions can add humor, horror, or any emotion to your movement graphic designs. Plus, uncover learn how to use After Effects options—such because the Graph Editor—to achieve extra management over your animations.

Topics embrace:

  • Creating strong and convincing drawings
  • Creating a way of anticipation
  • Animation rules and physics
  • Adding gravity within the velocity graph
  • Applying directional power
  • Resistance and timing within the Graph Editor
  • Adding character with squash and stretch
  • Adding emphasis with exaggeration

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