Mastering Logo Design : Gridding with the Golden Ratio Free Download

Mastering Logo Design Free Download : Join George as he reveals his personal technique for creating complex logos that stand the test of time.

Also known as the Golden Spiral or Golden Section, the Golden Ratio is a proportion known to be particularly pleasing to the eye.

By using it to grid his logos, George ensures that every mark he makes evokes a feeling of perfection. In this 45 minute class, you’ll learn how to grid your work with the Golden Spiral.

Contents :

  • Understanding the Golden Ratio + when to use it
  • Gridding a complex logo in Adobe Illustrator
  • Incorporating Golden Ratios to create natural marks
  • Fine-tuning techniques to ensure perfection
  • Understanding Golden Sections
  • Finding Reference Images
  • Sketching
  • How to Make a Golden Section
  • Start Gridding with Golden Sections
  • Adjust Shapes for a Custom Feel
  • Join Grid Shapes
  • Fine-Tune Your Logo
  • Finalize with Color
  • Conclusion
  • What’s Next?

Watch the Introduction Video :

Direct download links 0.8 GB :

Course download – Illustrator – Video 1 – 6

Course download – Illustrator – Video 7 – 12

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