Mastering Portrait Editing in Photoshop Free Download

Mastering Portrait Editing in Photoshop Free Download : At the core {of professional} photo-editing is a radical information of find out how to make the most of Photoshop’s strongest instruments and strategies. In this course, Mastering Portrait Editing in Photoshop, you’ll study the fundamental ideas of sunshine, composition, and find out how to improve a temper in your pictures.

This course takes a deep dive into particular strategies that mean you can work in a non-destructive manner. First, you’ll study picture analysis with the Histogram Tool, working in a focused manner with Adjustment Layers, Masks, Layers, and Blend Modes.

Next, you’ll learn to carry out a fast clear up and find out how to convert a shade picture to black and white.

Finally, learn to improve a photograph with focused changes and find out how to sharpen it in an clever manner. When you’re completed with this course, you should have a foundational information of enhancing key parts of the picture by manipulating gentle and shadows and find out how to make artistic selections relating to the event stage. This information will make it easier to as you progress ahead to skilled photo-editing. Software required: Photoshop.

  • 1- Introduction to Creative Portrait Editing with Photoshop 17m 6s

Light in Photography 2m 43s
Basic Principles of Composition 5m 53s
Creating Mood in Photographs 2m 42s
Evaluating Photos with the Histogram Tool 5m 47s

  • 2- Edit 1: The Dreamer – Targeted Adjustments in Action 52m 4s

Quick Image Analysis and Setting an Artistic Aim 3m 18s
Evaluating the picture with the Histogram Tool 3m 31s
Quick Clean Up 5m 58s
B&W Conversion 8m 10s
General Contrast Adjustments – The ‘S’ Shaped Curve Technique 5m 29s
Targeted Tonal Adjustments – The Face 6m 53s
Targeted Tonal Adjustments – The Eyes 7m 12s
Targeted Tonal Adjustments – The Hair 3m 41s
Targeted Tonal Adjustments – The Plant 7m 49s

  • 3- Edit 1: The Dreamer – Polishing the Artwork 30m 56s

Adding Depth to the Photo by Brightening the Background 6m 25s
Adding a Vignette to the Photo 6m 48s
Reintroducing Color to the Image 2m 53s
Adding a Cool, Blue Tint to Shadows in the Photo 2m 53s
Final Touches – ‘Matte’ Finish 3m 29s
Creating a ‘Stamp’ & Sharpening 7m 18s
Edit Summary 1m 7s

Watch the Introduction Video :

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