[PDF] Web Animation using JavaScript: Develop and Design

Web Animation using JavaScript: Develop and Design

Book Description

We’ve come a great distance because the days of flashing banner adverts and scrolling information tickers. Today, the gorgeous movement design of iOS and Android dramatically improves a person’s expertise — as an alternative of detracting from it. The greatest websites and apps of in the present day leverage animation to enhance the texture and intuitiveness of their interfaces. Sites with out animation are beginning to really feel antiquated.

This e book supplies you with a technical basis to implement animation in a method that’s each visually gorgeous and programmatically maintainable. Throughout, we contemplate the stability between enriching a web page with movement design whereas avoiding pointless thrives

Readers will discover ways to design loading sequences that guarantee customers keep absolutely engaged as an alternative of tuning out, the way to leverage easy physics rules to make apps reply naturally to customers’ enter (similar to movement behaves in the actual world), the way to exploit CSS transforms to create wealthy depth in animations, and the way to absolutely leverage JavaScript animation libraries like Velocity.js to streamline animation programming. From animation efficiency to principle, we cowl all the things wanted to turn into knowledgeable internet animator. Whether you’re a novice or skilled internet developer, this e book is for everybody.

Why is all of this so necessary? Why is it price your time to turn into knowledgeable movement designer? For the identical motive that designers spend hours perfecting their pages’ font and shade mixtures, movement designers excellent their animations’ transition and easing mixtures: Refined merchandise really feel superior. They go away customers whispering to themselves, “Wow, this is cool”, proper earlier than they flip to a pal and exclaim, “You gotta try this.”



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