[Schoolism] Introduction to Visual Development

Introduction to Visual Development

Introduction to Visual Development – Victoria Ying : As artists, our sole job is to communicate; usually we do this visually.

But visual communication is more complicated than it sounds, and yet not. In this introduction to Visual Development, I will focus on principles of design and give you an overview of the skills needed for effective visual communication, especially as it applies to the entertainment industry. I will cover the basics of design thinking, character design, color theory, and perspective, and share with you tips and techniques that I personally use in my own work.

Through this class, you will learn the fundamentals you will need to launch and advance your career as a visual development artist.

No matter your skill level, these lessons in design thinking will influence every decision, from the seed of your idea to your finished project, and help you work confidently and efficiently.

Direct download links 2.8 GB :

Course download – Photoshop – part 1

Course download – Photoshop – part 2

Course download – Photoshop – part 3

Course download – Photoshop – part 4

Course download – Photoshop – part 5

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