Studio Lighting Techniques with Maya and Arnold Free Download

Studio Lighting Techniques with Maya and Arnold Free Download : Learn all about product visualization with Maya and Arnold. In this course, Product Visualization with Maya and Arnold, you’ll deal with the lighting, texturing, and last render output of our product.

First, you’ll be taught publicity values to regulate illumination inside your scene and shade temperature to regulate the output shade of your lights. Next, you’ll discover actual world values in your shaders and texture maps, particularly IOR, reflectance at regular, and specular shade.

Then, you’ll use Maya’s render setup to create object IDs, masks, and ambient occlusion layers. Finally, you’ll take your last picture into Photoshop CC to make white steadiness changes alongside with different lighting changes.

By the top of this course, you’ll have the abilities wanted to provide a picture for any product visualization, whether or not that be for digital or print.

1-Studio Lighting Setup

  • Common Backgrounds Part 1
  • Common Backgrounds Part 2
  • Scene Setup
  • Setting the Shot
  • Test Materials
  • Light Creation
  • Light Testing Part 1
  • Light Testing Part 2

2-Create Realistic Shaders and Textures Part 1

  • AI Standard Overview
  • Glass Shader
  • Gunmetal Shader
  • Backdrop and Table Shader
  • Leather Stitches and Paint Shaders
  • Rubber Shader
  • Rose Gold Part 1
  • Rose Gold Part 2
  • Rose Gold Part 3

3-Create Realistic Shaders and Textures Part 2

  • Rose Gold Part 4
  • Digital Displays Part 1
  • Digital Displays Part 2
  • Digital Displays Part 3
  • Leather Part 1
  • Leather Part 2
  • Applying Materials
  • Test Render Part 1
  • Test Render Part 2

4-Utilizing Render Setup

  • Watch Mask
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Object IDs

5-Setting up the Final Render

  • Depth of Field
  • AOVs and Sampling
  • Ray Depth

6-Post Production on Final Renders

  • White Balance
  • Background Adjustments
  • Band and Display Adjustments
  • Finalize Image

Watch the Introduction Video :

Direct obtain hyperlinks 2.7 GB :

Course download – Lighting – Section 1 – 3

Course download – Lighting – Section 5 – 6

Project files download – Part 1

Project files download – Part 2

Project files download – Part 3

Project files download – Part 4

Project files download – Part 5

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