The Complete C# And Object-Oriented Programming Course

The Complete C# And Object-Oriented Programming Course Free Download

The one and solely course it’s worthwhile to study C# and object-oriented programming (C# From A To Z | Downloadable Supply Code)

What you’ll study

  • Study the basics of programming utilizing C# 7.
  • Grasp the object-oriented programming (OOP).
  • Discover ways to create variables and convert their datatypes in several methods.
  • The right way to use DateTime and TimeSpan.
  • Perceive the loops (For, Foreach, Whereas and extra).
  • The right way to manipulate strings (Exchange, Take away, Insert, Substring and extra).
  • The right way to use arithmetic operators.
  • Perceive the logical operators.
  • Work with comparability operators.
  • Conditional statements (if and change statements).
  • Grasp the courses and perceive the several types of courses (static, summary, partial, sealed and extra).
  • Study the buildings and enumerations and how you can use them.
  • The variations between courses and structs.
  • Learn and write information simply with C#.
  • Perceive Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Abstraction.
  • Get conversant in Composition, Aggregation and Affiliation.
  • Study to encrypt and decrypt your information utilizing C#.
  • Construct caesar cipher (encryption and decryption) your self.
  • Discover ways to create several types of strategies.
  • The distinction between static and non-static strategies.
  • The right way to use recursive strategies.
  • The right way to use the extension strategies.
  • Perceive nameless strategies and how you can create them.
  • Perceive the distinction between go by reference and go by worth.
  • Grasp the highly effective lambda expressions.
  • The right way to use elective and named arguments.
  • Work with arrays together with multidimensional arrays and jagged arrays.
  • Get conversant in the superior ideas (Multithreading, Recursing, Generics & many extra).
  • Grasp the non-generics collections (ArrayLists, Hashtables, Stacks, Queues and extra).
  • Grasp the generics collections (Checklist<T>, dictionary<Ok,V>, SortedList<Ok,V> and extra).
  • The right way to create generic courses, strategies and arguments.
  • The right way to debug and discover errors simply in your code.
  • Perceive how stacks and queues work with actual examples.
  • The right way to deal with exceptions (Exception Dealing with).
  • The right way to use params key phrase.
  • The right way to use Stopwatch class.
  • Perceive how older tuples and new enhanced tuples work.
  • Discover ways to use NuGet and set up packages.
  • The right way to work with Delegates and Occasions.
  • Delegates vs direct strategies name.
  • Work with Func, Motion and Predicate delegates.
  • Discover ways to use timers in C#.
  • Make your utility speaks utilizing SpeechSynthesizer.
  • Dynamic and Var key phrases and variations between them.
  • The right way to use LINQ (Language-Built-in Question).
  • The right way to examine C# model and how you can change it.
  • Perceive what’s synchronous programming.
  • Perceive what’s asynchronous programming.
  • Variations between synchronous and asynchronous programming.
  • Study multi-threading concept and create multi-threaded purposes.
  • Perceive deadlocks and how you can resolve them.
  • Perceive lock key phrase, Mutex, Monitor and Semaphores.
  • The right way to use duties, handle them and even cancel them.
  • The right way to work with async and await key phrases.
  • Perceive what’s Serialization and Deserialization and how you can use them.
  • The right way to use attributes and create customized attributes.
  • Perceive the preprocessor directives and how you can use them.
  • Perceive assemblies and variations.
  • Work effectively and easily with Visible Studio 2017.
  • DLL information (Dynamic Hyperlink Libraries), How and why we use them.
  • The right way to decompile DLL information.
  • The right way to shield your DLL information.


  • Visible Studio Group (The free version of Visible Studio)


Good day and welcome to The Full C# and Object-Oriented Programming Course, The one and solely course you will want to study C# and object-oriented programming. That is extra like a assortment of many programs introduced collectively that can assist you study C# and how you can use it effectively. This course is by far the most complete and efficient available on the market. Right here’s why:

  • The course will educate you nearly all the things it’s worthwhile to know relating to the highly effective C# language.
  • This course begin with you from zero expertise in programming and begins to stage as much as the object-oriented programming until you attain the superior ideas and subjects of C# (Asynchronous Programming, LINQ,Generics, Collections, Delegates and extra).
  • It would make it easier to study any programming languages aside from C# later, as a result of the course discusses nearly each programming ideas and naturally how you can implement it in C#.
  • You’ll expertise greater than 200 examples30 workout routines24 assignments and over 150 quiz questions.
  • You’ll study in regards to the new options in C# (7.1 – 7.2 – 7.3) like Enhanced tuplesout variablesnative featuresexpression bodied memberssample matching and different extra options.
  • This course will cowl totally different encryption and decryption strategies, plus explaining the idea of cryptography.
  • You’ll be very conversant in Visible Studio and plenty of of its options like snippets and how you can use them and even create customized snippets.
  • You’ll find out about actual world workers like naming conventions, the small little variations between information varietiesterminologiesprogramming ideas and extra.
  • Perceive the superior ideas reminiscent of multithreading, the synchronous and asynchronous programming.
  • Get conversant in the .Web framework construction and perceive is the .Web framework
  • Study the historical past of C# language and variations between every model of C#.
  • Discover ways to work like professionals.

What different college students who’ve taken this course say:

“I loved the course. It’s complete and covers most of all the things you’d need to find out about C# and .NET. There’s loads of workout routines and assignments within the course to assist reinforce classes. The course could possibly be improved with the addition of a course undertaking, however the teacher has assured that there can be one other course forthcoming that can cowl this. I like to recommend this course for anybody who needs to study extra about C# and the .NET framework.”

“I’m about 1/four throught this course, and i’ve to say its good. I’ve tried to learn to program with many various languages utilizing might totally different programs on udemy and have given up both as a result of the course moved to quick or was to technical for me to know. Nevertheless this course is incredible the fabric introduced may be very simple to digest and really informative whereas nonetheless partaking. Up to now i’ve learnt about utilizing construct in metods reminiscent of DateTime strategies for my applications, creating and useing courses utilizing inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. The course progresses on a pleasant incline in problem to check you on what you might have simply learnt and it has coding workout routines, assignments and in addition quizes to check your self with. The teacher can also be very pleasant and is fast to reply your questions with stage of element. I might suggest this course for anybody desirous to study c# or learn to program basically utilizing c# as a primary language.”

“This course clearly coated the subjects to understanding the language from a first-steps strategy. I extremely suggest to anybody who needs to study the language and requires a video tutorial with sufficient workout routines. — Thanks Ahmad”

“I’ve enrolled in numerous different C# programs on UDEMY however at all times find yourself both becoming bored or find yourself getting confused. On this course up to now, the course has assignments which preserve it enjoyable for me, plus it cowl all subjects clearly to forestall me from getting confused. Thank You.”

“The course is complete and properly defined, undoubtedly the writer is aware of what he’s speaking about and is fairly skilled with this sort of subjects.Examples had been brief sufficient to make apparent what every sample is all about. Creator factors out points in several approaches and gives an answer.By no means seen these form of explanations earlier than…Total I discover this course wonderful”

“Nice course!! The teacher has complete information in regards to the C# language and is ready to current the programming ideas and paradigms in a method that’s simply comprehensible.The presentation may be very detailed and concise which is drastically appreciated.I really feel able to implement the information gained”

College students additionally stated that this course was:

  • Complete Curriculum
  • Pleasant
  • Direct & To-the-point

Prepare to start out a journey of 20+ hours of C#, 20+ hours will make you a C# guru. 

So what are you ready for….let’s begin!Who’s the audience?

  • Full newcomers, no prior expertise is required.
  • Builders switching from different languages.
  • Programmers who usually are not feeling assured about their programming abilities.
  • People who find themselves searching for a profession change.
  • College students searching for a course to refresh and extremely improve their information.
  • If you wish to take just one course to study all the things to be C# developer.

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