The Monster Drawing Workshop Free Download

The Monster Drawing Workshop Free Download : Monsters, like our imaginations, comply with no guidelines. They can have eight legs or 5 eyes, horns or wings.

This monster drawing workshop, hosted by illustrator and fan favourite Von Glitschka, is designed to assist new artists drop their inhibitions round drawing and let their creativity take over.

It’s additionally nice for facilitators who wish to assist their purchasers or groups overcome inventive and psychological roadblocks. Von is there each step of the best way, breaking down every monster “part” little by little, so college students can construct the monster of their desires.

  • The Method to the Madness

The methodology to the insanity 2m 29s
Technical mechanics to creating a cardboard cutout 4m 52s
Planning your monster drawing and cutout 2m 38s
Helpful ideas 1m 49s

  • Stage 1: Sketching Ideas

Sketching monster concepts 3m

  • Stage 2: Creating the Head, Body, and Tail

Creating the top, physique, and tail 1m 7s
Drawing the top, physique, and tail 3m 47s
Cutting out the top, physique, and tail 2m 31s
Inking the top, physique, and tail 3m 17s

  • Stage 3: Creating the Legs and Feet

Creating the legs and ft 3m 11s
Cutting out the legs and ft 1m 30s
Inking the legs and ft 2m 56s

  • Stage 4: Creating the Arms and Hands

Drawing the arms and palms 2m 22s
Cutting the arms and palms 1m 59s
Inking the arms and palms 1m 57s

  • Stage 5: Creating Add-ons

Creating scary add-ons 1m 51s
Cutting scary add-ons 1m 39s
Inking scary add-ons 37s
Detailing the monster 2m 6s

  • Telling Your Monster Story

Telling a monster story 1m 36s
Sharing a monster story 3m 32s

Watch the Introduction Video :

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Course download – illustrator – Video 1 – 10

Course download – illustrator – Video 11 – 24

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