Yiihuu – Stylized Female “Archer” Creating Free Download

Yiihuu – Stylized Female “Archer” Creating Free Download : Vahid Ahmadi is a world-famous digital sculpture artist, whose works have been featured on ZBrush’s web site and CG magazines for a lot of occasions. When we see Vahid’s works, we all know what an actual murals is. Behind every work there appears to be an intriguing story. This provides them a way of life, somewhat than a lifeless mannequin.The idea diagram for this tutorial has been licensed by the creator.

This is a full course of case course created with superior 3D feminine characters, providing you with an in depth understanding of the manufacturing technique of 3D feminine character Garage Kit.With the course case “Female Archer”, detailed clarification of data factors was carried out. It consists of conceptual diagram evaluation, low poly mannequin creation, element perfection, excessive poly mannequin refinement, materials texture, coloring to grey modeling and rendering, and synthesis of the ultimate impact drawing.Thus it covers entire course of clarification of the work from scratch to the ultimate completion.

Kindly Reminder:

Some fundamentals of ZBrush and 3Ds Max are required. With the help of fundamental information will solely make your studying path smoother.

The course period : More than 68 hours.

What is the digital sculpture creation course of?

Sculpture technique of characters and surroundings in movie and TV, normally consists of the idea diagram evaluation, low-mode creation, element perfection, high-mode refinement, materials texture, rendering and synthesis. Digital sculpture work has been extensively appeared within the movie, video games, sculpture, assortment design, TV toys and commerce present, spreading all around the world.

This tutorial is taught by Vahid Ahmadi, a senior character digital sculptor whose works have been featured on the ZBrush dwelling web page and have received a number of artwork awards, together with “Aries”, which was made in 2018 and exhibited in ASIAGRAPH 2018 as an impressive work.

The tutorial lasts about 68 hours and also you received’t miss any technical course of. The tutorial covers software program software setup, idea diagram evaluation, low poly mannequin creation, element perfection, excessive poly mannequin refinement, character asset creation and refinement, materials texture addition, coloring, rendering and synthesis, permitting you to be taught the prime quality character creation workflow.

Part 1 : Role fashions and asset creation

Core information level

This part will clarify the talent of utilizing ZBrush fundamental instruments, analyze the unique portray in accordance with character idea, and interpretate the core design factors of character sculpting and easy methods to confer with and use ZBrush to sculpting characters’ face, garments, hair, weapons and different particulars, and likewise the information about character poses.

Part 2 : Add texture and hair to make

Core information level

This part primarily explains the workflow of utilizing the 3Ds Max so as to add supplies, making pores and skin texture, pore, lifelike eyeballs and so forth for the mannequin, in addition to demonstrates the method of utilizing Ornatrix to make real looking fur, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and so on.

Part 3 : Detail adjustment and rendering

Core information level

We will refine the entire mannequin, bettering the top, hand, hair, braid, hair cluster, texture, lighting and different elements, to finish the ultimate rendering and synthesis.

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Course Download – Yiihuu – part 1

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 2

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 3

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 4

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 5

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 6

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 7

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 8

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 9

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 10

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 11

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 12

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 13

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 14

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 15

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 16

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 17

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 18

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 19

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 20

Course Download – Yiihuu – part 21

Project files download – part 1

Project files download – part 2

Project files download – part 3

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